The UKQAA’s response to today’s Government announcement on planned closures of coal-fired power stations

Dr Robert Carroll, Technical Director here at the UKQAA said today:


“While the planned closures of coal-fired power stations in the UK will have a significant impact on the UK’s future energy mix, the UKQAA is confident about the supply of coal ashes (fly ash and furnace bottom ash) for construction products both now and in the foreseeable future.


The UK’s coal-fired power stations produce an average of five million tonnes of fly ash a year and annual supply continues to outstrip use. Additionally, around 50 million tonnes of stockpiled ash has been amassed over the years. This mostly untapped resource could become a valuable complementary raw material if correctly processed.


Ultimately, the UKQAA aim to maximise the beneficial use of coal fly ashes over the next decade and support recovery of raw material from ash stockpiles.”


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