Affiliate Members


Our Affiliate Members are the suppliers and users of coal ash products including hauliers, suppliers and contractors in the construction industry. This group also includes companies that provide materials testing and processing services.

Please note that the UKQAA cannot facilitate the supply or purchase of coal ash products, so if you want to find out more about sourcing coal ash products directly, please get in touch with their sales teams by clicking on the links below.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering Limited

Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ltd is a civil engineering contractor, equipped to design and deliver specialist ground engineering solutions to solve technically challenging ground related problems in the UK and abroad.

In addition to driven and drilled pile foundations, they design and install specialist retaining walls such as sheet pile walls, contiguous pile walls and secant pile walls, as well as driven and drilled king post walls. Their expertise also comprises nail, anchoring, drilling and grouting work, augured piles and restricted access piling – all adapted and value-engineered to the needs of the individual client and sector.

Aarsleff’s diverse portfolio enables their customers to enjoy several benefits through a range of services, tailored to meet specific needs, combined with cost-saving programmes.

Contact Details:
01636 611140

Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ltd,
Hawton Lane,
Nottinghamshire,  NG24 3BU

Cenin Cement

Cenin Cement is a British cement manufacturer supplying a highly sustainable and consistent range of cementitious products designed to produce a quality product with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Cenin Limited,
The Research Centre,
Parc Stormy,
Bridgend, CF33 4RS

Tel: 01656 789970


Coomtech Limited

Coomtech has developed and patented an easy to adopt, more efficient technology for the drying of bulk raw materials and in particular combustion by-products including ashes and recovered ashes from stockpile, landfill or lagoon sources.

Innovative new, non-thermal technology reduces energy required and emissions generated by up to  75% versus the current array of traditional thermal drying plants.

Coomtech enabled installations start saving costs and emissions from day one.  It is modular and flexible to integrate in existing sites or standalone.  Robust and reliable design, with few moving parts, is supported by a high level of proven off-the-shelf key components in the system. Modular control systems allow flexible running options to ease access for maintenance without plant shut down.

Experience of ashes sourced from UK, Europe and the USA supports Coomtech’s ability deliver low energy, low emissions, low cost drying to standards required by the cementitious and other industries.

Coomtech Limited
Rivendell, Venney Farm
Hundred Foot Bank
Cambs PE14 9TW

Contact:  Miri Zlatner
Telephone: +44 (0)77 9374 6561

Forkers Limited

The combination of civil and geotechnical capabilities within the Forkers Limited, together with our philosophy of carrying out contracts within a ‘teamwork’ or ‘partnering’ framework, often involving a proactive public relations policy, enables Forkers successfully to provide cost-efficient, technical and environmental solutions to difficult and challenging projects.

Forkers Ltd
Gold Green House
Shaw Street
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 0TX

Tel: 0121-505-1010
Fax: 0121-505-1026

Fairport Engineering Ltd

Fairport Engineering Ltd is a mature and professional organisation which enjoys a high quality technical reputation and has traded for over 25 years. Fairport is the UK market leader in the development and delivery of major projects in the field of bulk materials processing and handling.

Fairport Engineering Ltd
Market Place

Tel: 01257-484000
Fax: 01257-483312

M&J Drilling Services

M&J Drilling Services carry out site investigations (rotary – not soils) for shaft location and treatment purposes. They carry out stabilisation of shallow mine working, soil nailing, ground anchors, bulk mine in filling and sewer grouting. They can be contacted at;

M & J Drilling Services
Unit 44
Coneygree Industrial Estate
West Midlands

Tel: 01902-885241
Fax: 01902-887257