Summer availability of fly ash

Several UKQAA members have reported a likely decline in the availability of fly ash in the UK this summer due to a sudden drop in wholesale prices for gas. A decline of fly ash in the summer isn’t unusual – warmer weather and longer days mean less power is consumed than in the winter – but a drop in availability this year will be further affected by cheap gas prices.

We’re expecting this to be the case for much of July and August, and some coal-fired power stations will put in place allocation schemes for EN 450 fly ash supplied as a Type II addition for concrete and composite cements – conditioned ashes for use in other applications remains available. Naturally with the latest ONS statistics showing an increase in construction activity compared with the same period in 2013 and demand for aggregates and raw material also on the rise, the sector will be watching this closely, but we expect levels of production to return to normal at the end of the summer.

That said, conditions in the energy sector can change very quickly as fuel choice is highly dependent on a number of critical factors. Global prices, political decisions and situations, and even sudden changes in the weather can influence the type of fuel we use and its cost. For example, the ongoing situation in Ukraine could have significant impacts on the fuel we use at home in much the same way that a sudden drop in temperature could have an impact on whether we’re heating our homes or not.

UKQAA members continue to invest in the UK supply of high quality ash and ash products and, in particular, how to maintain a ready supply of the material throughout the year, but if you have any questions about the availability of fly ash contact us on 01902 373365 or by emailing us at