Date: Feb 2017

    We’re looking for a new Director…

    The UK Quality Ash Association (UKQAA) is looking for a new Director to manage and promote the activities of the UK’s trade association for quality ash, one of the most important materials in the construction supply chain.


    The UKQAA represents the quality ash industry, right across the supply chain, from UK producers and importers, to processors, marketers, and logistics firms – covering all member organisations that champion the sustainable supply and use of this important material.


    Reporting into the Chairman of the Executive Committee, our Director will be the figurehead of the association and will represent the UKQAA membership to promote the use of quality ash in the UK. You’ll need to have a sound understanding of the technical, environmental and regulatory aspects of quality ash use, but also be able to think creatively and work with the membership to identify and develop future opportunities to make use of ash.


    You’ll also:

    • Represent the UKQAA on issues of standardisation, environmental, sustainability and engage with other construction materials groups and associations, such as the MPA.


    • Represent the UKQAA at events and meetings in the UK and further afield, from EcoBuild to AshTrans. You’ll also represent the UKQAA at relevant research committees and groups.


    • Engage with the Government and policy makers on issues of quality, regulation and the environment to ensure quality ash is well represented by decision makers.


    • Oversee marketing and PR activity, including engaging with the media, speaking at events and developing conference papers and presentations.


    • Manage the association’s budgets, business strategy and business plan to support the UKQAA’s overarching objectives.


    For a full time role the salary range for this position is £40,000 – £50,000 per annum dependent on the candidate’s relevant skills, qualifications and experience. A company car will also be provided. For the right candidate we are prepared to consider applicants who would prefer to work on a part time basis with an adjusted salary.


    Please apply in writing with a covering letter and your CV to or by post to: UK Quality Ash Association, Willow House, Kingswood Business Park, Holyhead Road, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, WV7 3AU.

    Deadline for applications: Friday 7 April 2017.


    Date: Oct 2016

    We’re delighted to announce we’ve gone international

    From October, the UKQAA will be able to accept members from overseas. As the market for quality ash continues to grow, we believe the importation of ash will have an important role to play in the future.


    While our main role is to protect and maintain UK production and supply, the transition away from coal-fired power over the next five years will have an impact on supply if we don’t intervene. Importation from around the world has huge potential and we believe our technical advice, guidance, and expertise can help to safeguard future supplies of quality ash – a material that continues to enjoy considerable demand from the construction industry, and for very good reason.


    Over the next few months we’ll be working with our partners and the wider membership to welcome new members into the UKQAA fold. We’ll also be looking closely at the logistical issues an increase in importation could bring and ensure the quality of imported ash matches the high standards we expect at home. This isn’t an overnight solution, but will help to provide long-term stability.


    This is a hugely exciting time for the UKQAA and our membership, and we look forward to working with partners from overseas. For more information [contact us].


    Date: Apr 2016

    Spring 2016 Ash Statement

    Fly ash is a key ingredient of sustainable construction and we recognise the ash market has an important role to play in diversifying supply and supporting new infrastructure projects.


    At present, the ash marketplace is shifting – particularly with regards to fresh ash. In the short term, mild weather, low gas prices, and the unexpected closure of coal-fired units have reduced ash production. In the longer term further power station closures and the Government’s current energy policy will affect the availability of fresh ash.


    UKQAA members are however prepared for this and changes in supply should not impact the construction industry’s ability to deliver sustainable infrastructure projects in the UK.


    While some stocks of fresh ash are temporarily limited locally, fresh fly ash can be procured and easily transported from a number of sites across the UK and Europe. The import market in particular is growing and the industry is already benefitting from the excellent ash management skills and emerging infrastructure that exists in the UK.


    The industry is also developing stockpile supply streams. This involves making use of existing material deposited in ashfields across the UK – either from operating or decommissioned stations. Amounting to approximately 50 million tonnes of ash, there are strong opportunities to open up new supply routes. To that end, UKQAA is sponsoring a research and development project into the potential for enhancing stockpile material, and we’re confident about its potential to further boost availability.


    Ultimately, change in the materials market is nothing new, and material supply in general is becoming increasingly challenging due to the resurgence in the economy and the resulting uplift in construction activity. Fly ash will continue to play an important role in supplying high performance, low-carbon material, offering significant benefits to specifiers and designers. Ash is part of a sustainable materials mix and ultimately the marketplace can respond flexibly to change.


    Date: Feb 2016

    Recent announcements

    The UKQAA notes the recent announcements of the intention to close Rugeley Power Station and the possible closure of three units at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station. Any closures will have an effect on the output of particular grades of fly ash and furnace bottom ash in the UK but at this stage it is not possible to gauge the full extent of any changes.


    The UKQAA will continue to strive to maximise the beneficial use of coal ashes in the UK, whether obtained directly from coal-fired units, or recovered from the many ash stockpiles sited throughout the country.


    Date: Jan 2016

    New Year, new opportunities

    With the publication of the UKQAA Ash Availability Report today, it’s clear the ash industry – and the wider construction and engineering sectors – have significant opportunities ahead. Not only has supply and demand for coal ash as a beneficial addition to construction products and materials been consistent, but research and development into its use are also driving innovation and technical ambition.


    Based on production and usage data from coal-fired power stations between 1999 and 2014, the UKQAA Ash Availability Report highlights important trends in ash availability and uptake. From steady production, to increasingly varied applications, the figures show that the ash industry has a diverse supply stream and strong potential in the alternative, low-carbon materials market.


    Set in the context of ongoing growth in the construction and engineering sectors which is affected by increased pressure on supply chains, materials shortages and stringent environmental targets, this report shows an excellent opportunity for the producers and users to exploit all sources of coal ash.


    Fly ash and furnace bottom ash are high-performance materials which are resource efficient to extract and manufacture. Both by products have low levels of embodied carbon and can significantly improve the environmental performance of construction products.


    While these benefits are clear and the market for alternative materials is widening, the challenge now is to make sure they are fully realised.