Date: Jul 2018

    The Environment Agency’s Business and environment report: Environmental outlook for the combustion sector

    The Environment Agency has published it’s Business and Environment report: Environment outlook for the combustion sector. 


    The assessment sets out the progress made by the combustion (power) sector of industry working with the Environment Agency to reduce their impact on the environment, and we would like to thank Energy UK, tech UK, the Combustion Engineering Association and the UK Quality Ash Association for their valuable input. It presents an overview of sector performance, impacts on the environment and a forward look to the challenges, risks and opportunities that the future presents.


     You can download the report here.



    Date: May 2018

    UKQAA appoints new chair

    The UK Quality Ash Association (UKQAA) has appointed Tarmac’s Allan Everett as the association’s new chair, taking over from Power Minerals’ Ivan Skidmore after four years in the role.


    The UKQAA is the country’s leading authority on the use of quality ash in construction and engineering applications and represents a range of members from across the construction supply chain.


    Allan Everett, also Tarmac’s Ash Business Manager, replaces Ivan Skidmore this spring after four years’ in the role. Allan brings significant experience of the UK and global materials sector to the Association and has an extensive knowledge of the UKQAA membership as well as the challenges the ash industry faces in the coming years. As chair, Allan will help steer the Association and work with its membership, to promote and secure the use of quality ash in construction and engineering applications.


    Allan Everett, said: “The UKQAA has a vital role to play in the construction sector in the coming years – particularly as the industry steps up to deliver big projects such as HS2 and major road schemes. These projects place huge demands on the concrete industry where quality ash is often a critical material, but we’re aware of the availability issues coal fired power station closures pose to us.


    “As a result, our focus is on assessing other sources of ash and working with the UKQAA membership and our global partners to identify what this might mean. There’s no hiding the challenges we face, but the opportunities ash held in long-term storage and increased importation hold are just as significant. I’m confident we can be successful, and I look forward to driving the UKQAA forwards in the coming years.”


    Allan will be joined by Richard Boult who has also been announced as the UKQAA’s new Technical Committee Chair. Richard is Commercial Technical Manager at CEMEX UK Cement, he will work with UKQAA’s Technical Committee members to develop and assess technical projects exploring new sources and uses for quality ash.


    Richard Boult, said: “I’m delighted to be taking on the role of the UKQAA Technical Committee Chairman; the opportunity for us to manage technical projects for the Association at what’s likely to be an exciting time is hugely appealing. We’re aware that the ash industry is going through a period of transition, but this brings plenty of opportunities to assess new ideas.


    “We’re already working with organisations on a number of important research projects to tackle these issues, including a major project with Dundee University’s Concrete Technology Unit to explore how we can make use of ash in long-term storage. The results here are enormously exciting for the sector, so I’m looking forward to working with the UKQAA to turn research projects into commercial opportunities.”


    Date: Jul 2017

    UKQAA appoints new Director…

    Dr Nigel Cooke will replace Dr Robert Carroll as our Director from the end of July.


    As the country’s leading authority on the use of quality ash in construction and engineering applications we represent a range of members from across the construction supply chain.


    Dr Robert Carroll has led the UKQAA since 2012 and has helped to shape the association’s strategy, overseeing the expansion of membership to include overseas ash producers and suppliers. During his directorship, Rob has also been vital in developing sources of ash supply following the continued closure of coal fired power stations in the UK, including supporting the growth of importation and ash recovery.


    Dr Cooke will assume his responsibilities at the end of July with more than 30 years’ experience of working within the building materials sector, including time spent at Blue Circle Industries and Lafarge. He brings with him considerable global experience, including involvement in a number of cementitious initiatives across Europe, Russia, South East Asia and Japan. During his time with Blue Circle/Lafarge in the UK, he was responsible for setting up ash beneficiation projects and logistics facilities with ScottishPower, EDF Energy, RWE nPower and Drax Power. This Knowledge will be fundamental to the continued growth of both ash recovery and importation from new markets to meet UK demand for high quality ash.


    Our Chair, Ivan Skidmore, says: “Rob has been a great asset to the UKQAA and a superb champion for the use of quality ash across the UK. During his time with the association, we’ve seen change sweep the industry as ash availability has moved away from the big coal stations and towards stockpile recovery and importation. Rob has helped steer the UKQAA members through this ongoing transition, providing technical and logistical guidance throughout, so we’re hugely grateful for his time at the helm.


    “While we’re sorry to see Rob leave, we’re delighted to welcome Nigel to the UKQAA. Nigel’s commercial experience, as well as his knowledge of global projects and supply chains, will be vital as the market continues to adapt. His insight and knowledge will not only allow us to continue to advocate the use of this important resource, but continue to explore new opportunities to use and source quality ash.”


    Dr Nigel Cooke says: “I’m delighted to be joining the UKQAA and continuing the work of the association. There are some big challenges ahead such as securing the supply chain for ash and adapting to changing environmental legislation. Based on my initial meetings with members of the association, I am, however, very much encouraged by the innovative approaches being taken with regards to maximising existing resources as well as identifying potential import opportunities. As a consequence of such activities, I am confident that ash will continue to play an important role within the UK construction sector for many years to come.


    “I would also like to thank Rob for his drive and commitment during these difficult times and I would like to wish him and his family all the very best for the future.”


    Dr Robert Carroll says: “I’d like to thank the UKQAA membership for all their support and involvement over the years. The organisation continues to go from strength-to-strength and I wish them all the very best under Nigel’s leadership.”


    Date: Oct 2016

    We’re delighted to announce we’ve gone international

    From October, the UKQAA will be able to accept members from overseas. As the market for quality ash continues to grow, we believe the importation of ash will have an important role to play in the future.


    While our main role is to protect and maintain UK production and supply, the transition away from coal-fired power over the next five years will have an impact on supply if we don’t intervene. Importation from around the world has huge potential and we believe our technical advice, guidance, and expertise can help to safeguard future supplies of quality ash – a material that continues to enjoy considerable demand from the construction industry, and for very good reason.


    Over the next few months we’ll be working with our partners and the wider membership to welcome new members into the UKQAA fold. We’ll also be looking closely at the logistical issues an increase in importation could bring and ensure the quality of imported ash matches the high standards we expect at home. This isn’t an overnight solution, but will help to provide long-term stability.


    This is a hugely exciting time for the UKQAA and our membership, and we look forward to working with partners from overseas. For more information [contact us].


    Date: Apr 2016

    Spring 2016 Ash Statement

    Fly ash is a key ingredient of sustainable construction and we recognise the ash market has an important role to play in diversifying supply and supporting new infrastructure projects.


    At present, the ash marketplace is shifting – particularly with regards to fresh ash. In the short term, mild weather, low gas prices, and the unexpected closure of coal-fired units have reduced ash production. In the longer term further power station closures and the Government’s current energy policy will affect the availability of fresh ash.


    UKQAA members are however prepared for this and changes in supply should not impact the construction industry’s ability to deliver sustainable infrastructure projects in the UK.


    While some stocks of fresh ash are temporarily limited locally, fresh fly ash can be procured and easily transported from a number of sites across the UK and Europe. The import market in particular is growing and the industry is already benefitting from the excellent ash management skills and emerging infrastructure that exists in the UK.


    The industry is also developing stockpile supply streams. This involves making use of existing material deposited in ashfields across the UK – either from operating or decommissioned stations. Amounting to approximately 50 million tonnes of ash, there are strong opportunities to open up new supply routes. To that end, UKQAA is sponsoring a research and development project into the potential for enhancing stockpile material, and we’re confident about its potential to further boost availability.


    Ultimately, change in the materials market is nothing new, and material supply in general is becoming increasingly challenging due to the resurgence in the economy and the resulting uplift in construction activity. Fly ash will continue to play an important role in supplying high performance, low-carbon material, offering significant benefits to specifiers and designers. Ash is part of a sustainable materials mix and ultimately the marketplace can respond flexibly to change.