Affiliate Members


Our Affiliate Members are the suppliers and users of coal ash products including hauliers, suppliers and contractors in the construction industry. This group also includes companies that provide materials testing and processing services.

Please note that the UKQAA cannot facilitate the supply or purchase of coal ash products, so if you want to find out more about sourcing coal ash products directly, please get in touch with their sales teams by clicking on the links below.


Cenin Cement

Cenin Cement is a British cement manufacturer supplying a highly sustainable and consistent range of cementitious products designed to produce a quality product with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Cenin Limited,
The Research Centre,
Parc Stormy,
Bridgend, CF33 4RS

Tel: 01656 789970


Forkers Group

The combination of civil and geotechnical capabilities within the Forkers Group, together with our philosophy of carrying out contracts within a ‘teamwork’ or ‘partnering’ framework, often involving a proactive public relations policy, enables Forkers successfully to provide cost-efficient, technical and environmental solutions to difficult and challenging projects.

Forkers Ltd
Gold Green House
Shaw Street
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 0TX

Tel: 0121-505-1010
Fax: 0121-505-1026


Fairport Engineering Ltd

Fairport Engineering Ltd is a mature and professional organisation which enjoys a high quality technical reputation and has traded for over 25 years. Fairport is the UK market leader in the development and delivery of major projects in the field of bulk materials processing and handling.

Fairport Engineering Ltd
Market Place

Tel: 01257-484000
Fax: 01257-483312

M&J Drilling Services

M&J Drilling Services carry out site investigations (rotary – not soils) for shaft location and treatment purposes. They carry out stabilisation of shallow mine working, soil nailing, ground anchors, bulk mine in filling and sewer grouting. They can be contacted at;

M & J Drilling Services
Unit 44
Coneygree Industrial Estate
West Midlands

Tel: 01902-885241
Fax: 01902-887257

Omya – Fillite Ltd

Omya – Fillite Ltd was founded in 1970 to develop applications for cenospheres from coal fly ash. Today the aims of the company remain the same but on a world-wide basis.

Fillite cenospheres are lightweight, hollow, spherical, low density, free-flowing, alumino-silicate microspheres used in many applications where these characteristics are critical to performance.

Extracted from pulverised fuel ash from coal-fired power stations Fillite hollow alumino-silicate cenospheres or microspheres are a versatile lightweight filler with applications in a variety of industrial and commercial products.

Omya – Fillite Limited
Goddard Road
Astmoor Industrial Estate


Tel: 01928-566661
Fax: 01928-572380