Technical Guidance


There are two ways to categorise the application of coal ash:

1. Bound

Ash used in bound applications such as concrete, grouts, highway construction and block making. These products are subject to the Quality Protocol.

2. Unbound

Ash used in unbound applications, such as embankment fill and other engineering projects, currently subject to Regulatory Position Statement (RPS 172)‘The regulation of the use of unbound pulverised fuel ash and furnace bottom ash’.

(Please note that the above regulation does not apply in Scotland due to the differences in Scottish law and the interpretation by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Further information on SEPA’s approach to classifying coal ash can be found at

There are a wide range of uses for coal ash, many of which have been found to have considerable advantages over primary materials – such as quarried stone.

Please select one of the following categories to view our suite of technical datasheets.

• Concrete
• Fill and grouting
• Aggregates and fillers
• Highway construction
• Block making
• Environment and sustainability
• Health and Safety

For more information about using coal ash and compliance with current regulation, please also see our Best Practice Guides.